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The Davis Butler Student of the Year Award


Work Ethic

Passion Volunteerism

Resilience Confidence





In Honor of Davis Butler

Davis was a Life’s Kitchen student in 2011. He was a remarkably passionate student who truly enjoyed his time at Life’s Kitchen, and he made great relationships with everyone on staff as well as the students he worked with. He had a mind that craved to learn more about the culinary field and he was happiest in the kitchen. Davis was a giving person, volunteering his time in our program teaching math to current students as well as spending time at the Interfaith Sanctuary homeless shelter. 


In short, he embodied all the virtues that we look for in our students when it comes to making positive life changes. After he graduated, Davis spent the summer working at Redfish Lodge. At the end of the summer on the way back home, Davis was involved in a single-car accident that took his life. This award, in memorial to Davis, recognizes his incredible work ethic in the kitchen and classroom, his ambition to be the best, and his volunteerism, creativity, and skill.


The award was created to recognize and honor the excellence of one student each year at Life’s Kitchen. Each fall, Life’s Kitchen presents the Student of the Year award to someone who has completed the Life’s Kitchen program, and done so while exhibiting the attributes that made Davis a beloved student, and positive member of our community.

2023 Davis Butler Student of the Year

2022 Davis Butler Student of the Year

2021 Davis Butler Student of the Year

2020 Davis Butler Student of the Year

2019 Davis Butler Student of the Year

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