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We need your support
As you can imagine, supporting the ongoing efforts of Life’s Kitchen takes time and money. We rely on donations from the community to provide critical services and outside-the-kitchen support our trainees need to create success. For example, $3,000 sponsors a trainee for their entire 16-week training program; and by donating less than 5 hours of your time a month you can be a GED tutor to a Life’s Kitchen participant. And Life’s Kitchen is always in need of donated food, in-kind goods, and professional services.

Ways to Give
Here are some ways you can give to Life’s Kitchen:

  • Make a financial contribution
  • Donate in-kind goods or services
  • Become a job interview coach
  • Teach a life skills class
  • Hire Life’s Kitchen catering for your next company or private event
  • Stop in for lunch in our training cafe

Please consider making a donation to support Life’s Kitchen!
You can now easily and safely donate online with any major credit or debit card or by mailing a check to 1025 S. Capitol Blvd. Boise, Idaho 83706.

You can also give through the following:


Fred Meyer Community Rewards (using PIN 92809)

Amazon Smile

Idaho Gives

To have your wedding or special event catered by Life's Kitchen: Call: 208-331-0199 -- Email: