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Just Dropping By To Say Thanks

Graduation is always a hard thing for both students and staff. The students have grown to love the people they work and learn with, as well as the staff members that guide them through our program. We have a difficult time because often we get connected to the students in much the same fashion; we […]

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Sharing A Great Story

This job is really great sometimes. Last week one of our alumni walked in, rather early in the morning I might add, because he had the week off from his dream job. He wanted to come in and thank all of us for helping him out and giving him a new lease on life. His […]

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Shaving twice on the same day?

Saturday morning showed up awfully early. I left my house at 4 in the morning to help get breakfast burritos and coffee ready for the ESPN Game Day party at Bronco Stadium. Later that day we would be hosting a tailgate party as a fundraiser for the program and we ended up having a great […]

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If you read my posts from time to time, you may have picked up on a key fact in my life: I don’t do so well in the kitchen. Though at my house I’m quite capable and have managed to keep myself fed for 39 consecutive years (fingers crossed). But elsewhere I just don’t seem […]

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The Almost Perfect Game

Earlier this week Detroit Tiger pitcher Armando Galarraga tossed a perfect game…sort of. First base Umpire Jim Joyce missed a call on what would have been the last out of a perfect game turning it into the second biggest controversy in the country behind the oil spill in the gulf. The consequences aren’t important here […]

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