Life’s Kitchen’s New Look

New VanYou may have noticed things look a little different at Life’s Kitchen. The end of the year generally sees people saying goodbye to 2011, and we are no different, celebrating a lot of hard work by a lot of great people. As the last Friday of the year, we have several new things we are rolling out today! You are viewing our new website for starters. There is a marketing company in town that we have been working with, c308 Marketing; they took on our branding project earlier this year and made a tremendous difference with our web presence! Take a look around the new site and explore. We believe you will find it much easier to navigate, finding the information you need right away. The debt of gratitude we owe c308 is hefty; to Mike Kerby and his team at c308, we say thank you!

We would be remiss if we also didn’t give a shout to the people at the Tri-Digital Group for all their photography and video work! Jim Armstrong and Greg Sims put their best foot forward; their work for Life’s Kitchen and all their clients is in a whole other stratosphere! Thank you guys, work is greatly appreciated!

We also have a new logo you may have seen. Kate Holgate is a designer who works with David Cook at Stoltz Marketing Group. Kate and Dave donated their time developing our new logo. It’s bold, crisp and colorful! It looks truly amazing and really reflects the work we do at Life’s Kitchen. We have had it in circulation since the end of October and the feedback thus far has been amazing! Thank you Kate and Dave, you two are amazing!

Another feature that we are rolling out today is our new-to-us fleet of delivery vehicles (It’s only two vans, but because it is more than one, I’m calling it a fleet). A new friend to Life’s Kitchen and owner of Catapult3, Rusty Katsuki has generously donated the vehicle wraps for us. I hope you agree; the vans look spectacular! Rusty and his team are also doing the logo on our café door. There is a great chance that by the time café service starts today, the logo will be on the door, welcoming you to our café and a great lunch made by our students.

There are a lot of people to thank. The books are closing on 2011 and at the end of the day, this last business day of the year; Life’s Kitchen looks a whole lot different. The only thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to serving the needs of our young people by nourishing new beginnings. Thank you to all of our partners, donors and volunteers. Your commitment to the kids in our program is astounding and we appreciate all of you!

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