The Almost Perfect Game

Earlier this week Detroit Tiger pitcher Armando Galarraga tossed a perfect game…sort of. First base Umpire Jim Joyce missed a call on what would have been the last out of a perfect game turning it into the second biggest controversy in the country behind the oil spill in the gulf. The consequences aren’t important here but my point as this post unfolds is that you only get one chance to get it right…sort of.

This summer Life’s Kitchen is going to be preparing meals on behalf of the Idaho Foodbank for the summer lunch program. As an aside, the picture above was also used by Behind the Menu for their Friday UFO, Unidentified Food Object, in this morning’s post on their website. By now, a few people have guessed and Karlee May got it correct on the first try of the day. Congratulations! Anyway, we started production for the program and the kids prepared what looks to be about 3 million gallons of chili. I’m really excited by this and from my side of the fence we only get one chance to get it right. Let me explain.

My background is baseball and kids; meaning I have worked in both fields and in both instances I contend you only get one chance to get it right. Major League Baseball held that the call stands – no perfect game. As for kids, once they grow up you can’t get them back. To some, this program could simply be an opportunity to make sure kids get a lunch during the summer and our students get a great training opportunity. To me the importance runs much deeper.

The Kathryn Albertson Foundation launched the Go On campaign encouraging kids to take AP classes and go onto college. This echoes the sentiments of many Idahoan’s as countless organizations, companies and people have put a stake in the ground with our children: Go on, go to college.
In order to “Go On” it takes a lot of work and preparation; and sometimes overlooked, but not forgotten is nutrition. Bodies and brains developing in young children need good food to accomplish the task and though it might fly below the radar for many, it hasn’t slipped under the carpet. That is why I feel this summer’s program is so important. Life’s Kitchen is simply doing what we can in helping fulfill the demands of the public.

So as you move through the summer don’t forget about the kids who may not be getting what they need – reading, writing and arithmetic, good nutrition, exercise and love. If you can help provide any of these please take the time to do so because I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy making a child smile.

In closing, Armando got himself a Corvette out of the deal acknowledging his almost perfect, perfect game. Jim Joyce received a mostly warm reception from the fans in Detroit as he came out of the tunnel for the next game. A sentiment I think he truly appreciated. Baseball held its stance that at least in their game you really do get one chance to get it right; and the world didn’t end because of it. However the truth is when it comes to kids, we can always give them a second chance. Life’s Kitchen does it all the time.

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